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I realize that this is a very specific question, but maybe some of you will have some info for me...worth a shot, right? ;)

I need a better way of finding charities that deal with people like myself, who are disabled but have yet to receive anything from the government, and need help to pay rent and bills until they do. Every one of the charities I've managed to find has said that they pretty much only provide short-term funding in small amounts to those who will obviously be "OK" afterward. I have no guarantee that I will ever be "OK," just the probability that I will get SSI sometime within the next few years if I am lucky. :P I have tried to get other government funding and it's been a nightmare; even if I eventually get it I will still need a lot more help.

So, does anyone know of charities that will give you funding if you need it, regardless of the fact that you can't guarantee them that you'll be OK because of their funding effort? Who out there will help those who have absolutely nothing?

(Sure, I have a bunch of material possessions (many of which I'm selling on ebay) and parents who will keep me from getting evicted or starving for as long as they can (even though they're retired and my father is dying)...but that's it.)
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